Allister Paterson



Allister Paterson

Oil on Paper

710mm x 910mm framed. 500mm x710mm painting



Allister Paterson

Oil on Linen

1630 x 1740mm framed

$ 5,000

Natures Landscape

Allister Paterson

Oil on Linen

1830mm x 1220mm

$5,000 Unframed.
*Option for shadow frame ($500)

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Commission for the Ron Wootton Memorial Fund: 20%

Born 1977, Melbourne Australia. Lives and works in Abbotsford, Melbourne.

Allister Paterson's work is multi-disciplinary though largely ranging from drawing and abstract expressionist painting or action painting. His practice at present centres on mostly landscape compositions, that are seen as a time-lapse, appearing alive and exposing recognisable imagery and wildlife patterns that seem to constantly move within large colour filled landscapes.

The self-taught, sometimes gestural visual language that Allister Paterson is set on developing to describe his process, of which he comes to terms with the act of his creation, results in works that deliver ritual action with distinct psychic links to generic memory.

Allister’s work’s are held in national and international collections, has been represented in numerous art prises, including a finalist of one of the country’s most prestigious art prize (Paddington Art Prize) and currently resides at Marfa Gallery, Abbotsford Victoria.